Table of Contents


Introduction: Who’s Got Dibs on Your Kids?

Chapter 1: Who’s Got Dibs on Your Kids’ TRUST?   

          Establishing the Foundation

Chapter 2: Who’s Got Dibs on Your Kids’ ORIGINS?   

           The Battle of the Big Bang and Evolution vs. Creationism

Chapter 3: Who’s Got Dibs on Your Kids’ ENVIRONMENT?   

           Global Warming – Climate Change – What’s Going On?

Chapter 4: Who’s Got Dibs on Your Kids’ MORALITY?   

           Is ‘Saving Yourself for Marriage’ Obsolete?

Chapter 5: Who’s Got Dibs on Your Kids’ GENDER?   

           The Evolution of Conscience

Chapter 6: Who’s Got Dibs on Your Kids’ MEDIA?   

           From Captivated to Captive

Chapter 7: Who’s Got Dibs on Your Kids’ RELIGIOUS BELIEFS?   

           Where Christian Kids and the Secular World Must Part

Chapter 8: Who’s Got Dibs on Your Kids’ FUTURE?   

           How Your Kids’ Dreams, Goals, and Profession are Manipulated

Chapter 9: Who’s Got Dibs on Your Kids’ MINDS?   

           Mind-Controlling Techniques: From Blatant to Subliminal

Chapter 10: Who’s Got Dibs on Your Kids’ PARENTAL RIGHTS?   

           God Gave Your Kids to YOU-Not the Government!

Chapter 11: Who’s Got Dibs on Your Kids? YOU HAVE!

End Notes


(First Page)

Dibs: that’s a funny word, but kids know what it means. When they open the door after school, and the warm air and fragrance of your baking hits them, they shout, “Dibs on the cookies,” or after a long ride, “Dibs on the bathroom.” When someone says, “Dibs,” it means me first.

So, as the title of this book asks, who’s got dibs on your kids? If that starts your teeth grinding a bit, thinking that anyone but God and you has first claim—or any claim—to your kids, you are in for a surprise.

In the past I trusted those in a position of authority. I had no reason to think that anyone would want to harm me or my family. Teachers went into their profession because they loved kids, and wanted to not only teach them the ABCs and 123s, but expand their minds to be in awe of the wonders of this world. The goal of doctors and nurses was to keep us healthy, and cure us when we weren’t. The people we elected to govern us wanted a community, state, or nation of successful people leading lives of self-determination with liberty and justice for all.

Yes, I admit it—I was an idealist and an optimist. Perhaps it was because that is an easier position to hold than to constantly be on guard. Perhaps I was naïve; perhaps I was a fool. The passing of years and confrontations with reality have changed my views.

If you are now as I was then, be prepared to have your eyes opened. Even after countless hours of research, I shudder at the schemes to take our kids’ minds and hearts and spirits away from their families and God.

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